Thursday, 15 December 2011

Andrej Pejic for Echt Hema

As you've probably all heard by now, a campaign featuring Andrej Pejic has been released... advertising bras that claim to enhance your size by two cups. What strikes me most (which was the initial idea of the campiagn) was how they used a MAN to illustrate their claim. Here are the pictures:

This is my favourite one

Andrej is well known for his androgynous style of modelling, often shooting in women's clothes but has also walked in shows for both men and women couture.... and he looks brilliant in both! Here are some of his work;

As woman:

For Tush
As man:

Tell me what you think of him and what he stands for, and any other models doing similar work as him

Have a good rest of the week!



  1. i think he's gorgeous. i love his look and hope it catches on.
    we could do with a move away form the macho rubbish.

  2. I agree with you- he style is very freshing :)

  3. I am insanely turned on by him!

  4. I think he's better modelling as a girl... he is strangely very pretty


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