Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The one who creeps in corridors and doesn't make a sound

Just a little update for you all cos I know how much you guys crave details of my daily life hahaha :P

Had school today. Didn't get any homework done the night before, didn't have time for coffee or tea so I was practically like a zombie today -.- . For sports today me and some friends decided to walk in the park as the weather is GORGEOUS today! Walked through the river though (which was refreshing) but now my pedicure is ruined! Have to reply apply it all, waaah :'(.

Going to post a loooong one on my favourite A/W12 collections and street style! Going to the shops to buy lots of chocolate to power me through it haha

Kisses, Aisha

Monday, 26 September 2011

Winter's cold, it's too much to handle

Slipped into an old shirt (my dad's) after school today and I actually quite like it! My parents have quite good taste in clothes and always buy good quality items (I've picked up the habit from them, when I go shopping I check the material tag before the price! Drives my friends crazaaayy :P )

Not much point to this post haha, I'm sorry (I'm not :P )
Listening to Vampire Weekend and freaking out about a fucking giant of a spider that was in my room last night which has magically disappeared... Last time I check it went crawling into my clothes draw!!!! I'm yet to've taken photos of my recently bought stuff, my camera's run out of battery, so annoying when that happens! At the moment I'm searching for vocational courses in law for this summer, without much luck! Anybody know a place in London where they take up people? (Law firms, etcc?) Thanks a lot!


Kisses, Aisha.

Favourite online shops!

Recently (okay, for a long time) I've been shopping and browsing online for cheaper clothes as I'm always broke! So I thought I'd share with you guys :)
A Wear
BrandAlley: Designer items for v cheap prices!
TK Maxx

So there are a few, if you guys have any recommendations please feel free to share them in the comments section!

Kisses, Aisha

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Favourite photos of the week

I've loved this since foreverrrrr
 Two of my favourite people together, oh god.

 Credit: Michael 
The last five polaroids are by a guy I used to go to school with named Michael . Let me know what you think about them; my favourite's the one of the smoke (Don't know why hah)
Photos from Tumblr (apart from the ones credited).

Have a great week.

Kisses, Aisha

Elizabeth Olsen for Nylon

Elizabeth Olsen recently did a spread for Nylon mag; here are a few of my favourites. I think it's a shame they photoshopped her beauty spots in the photo of her in a red top, I think she has a beautiful face! Tell me what you thought about them, or if you have the magazine, what is said in the interview?!

Photos from 

Kisses, Aisha

Lay where you're laying, don't make a sound

 Before (oh god)

Earrings I bought yesterday from Primark, they were £1.50! Bit cheap looking but I don't really care. Hope you've all had a great weekend!

Kisses, Aisha

My favourite blogs

Some time ago I promised to publish a list of my top blogs. Obviously this list is ever expanding, but here are some of the ones I check regularly. Enjoy!
Olsens Anonymous : Go to for press releases of the Olsen twins and their sister, Elizabeth
Lisa Place
Maja Ravn: Coolest 15 year old out there! Been following her for a while now, and even when she was 13 she has such a mature sense of style!
Taghrid: Photographer extraordinaire who's done shoots for American Apparel.
VintageVirgin: I'd wear every single fucking thing this lady models!
The Feeling You Forgot

So there you go, just to name a few! I can do a list for my favourite Tumblrs, if you'd like? Let me know

Kisses, Aisha

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Andy you're a star, in nobody's eyes but mine

Had a fantastic day today with con la bellissima Chiaraaaa e Sophieeee. We went to Kingston for shopping, didn't buy much- just some underwear, earings bandeaus. Funny mishap in Zara where both my friends attempted to try on the middle of the store. Ending up practically stripping hahaha. Not in a productive mood, photos to come later

Nighty night,

Monday, 19 September 2011

I'll taste the devil's tears, drink from his soul

Helloo all!

I've had a rubbish weekend as everyone canceled on me but it's a new week and in ready for new things to come. At the mo I'm listening to Angus and Julia Stone when I should be catching up on two history essays. Aah well. Here's a gorgeous photo of Erin Wasson outside the Vadig & Voltaire shop on Richmond High Street. I worship her as a model, she oozes coolness and Texas causality. Anyways, sorry for not posting my favourite photos of the week; I haven't actually got any as I had been too busy! Next week I'll post extra, I promise :P I also have some new stuff to show you and a wish list to share with you all :)

Have a good week,
Kisses, Aisha

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Elle- Un fille sensationnelle

Here are some of my all time favourite photos of Ms Elle Fanning. I think the reason as why I have such an obsession with her is her attitude. Every single photo shoot she's ever done never fails to blow me away, at the tender age of 13 she already photographs as well as, or better dare I say, than an experienced model, her style just amazes me; how can such a young girl appear so mature and experienced?. To put it simply: this girl's only going to get bigger and better (if possible?!)

 Photographs from Google

Okay little psychotic rabble over :P

Kisses, Aisha

Here comes the feeling you thought you'd forgotten

Just a quick post to ask how everyone is. Nothing too exciting's been happening these days, just seeing friends and doing work. It's unbelievable the amount of homework I get given daily sometimes I can't keep on top of it all! Going to meet up with an old friend this weekendwho I haven't seen in about three years and cinema, possibly shopping for school shit. Hope you all have a great weekend!


Sunday, 11 September 2011

Favourite photos of the week

 Julia Stegner for Vogue Japan

 Winona Ryder- Photos from Google
 Okay so this is a photo I took yesterday but I quite like it haha

Betty Adwole- Photos from Fashion Model Directory. I'm very impressed with Betty's shots, she captures such strong and empowering photos. Definitely one to look out for!

I'm also have a love affair with Winona Ryder, this week I hope to make my way through the majority of her movies, any recommendations wanted!

Hope you've all had a good week! 
Kisses, Aisha

New in

 Fringed boots- Oxfam charity shop, £9.99
 Turquoise bracelet- Trinity charity shop, £1
 Black pencil skirt- Warehouse, found at Trinity shop, £5

 Evil eye necklace- Trinity charity shop, £1 (Was actually £2 but I accidentally told her it was £1, woops :S) 
 Elle Magazine

 Maybelline Fasies Volum' Express Mascara- Superdrug, £6.19 (Decent price if you ask me!)
Beauty UK Glam Nails in Red No.8 and Max Factor Lipfinity Lasting Lip Tint- Superdrug, £1.99 and £5.99

Ring- Topshop, £5
Very happy with my charity shop finds, and bought some beauty products which I'd been wanting for a long time. The Maybelline mascara is by far my favourite, the formula is strong so you don't have to apply another coat later on in the day, and the spoon brush helps separate the lashes easily. It completes me. The lip tint smells AMAZING can't wait to load it on my lips!

Sorry for the no show, again I've had a mountain pile of homework this week, hopefully I'll sort my life out haha.
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