Sunday, 29 January 2012

Golden Globes 2012

As I was browsing pictures of what celebrities wore to the Golden Globes, there were two mutual themes going on. The first obvious one was;

Nude dresses
Here are my favourites;

Heidi Klum
Nicole Kidman
Julie Bowen  
Kristen Wiig 
Second one was not so obvious, but I couldn't help but realise that Gucci was a popular choice amongst the actresses.

Gucci dresses

Salma Hayek
Jessica Alba
Evan Rachel Wood
I have to say my favourite out of the second theme was Jessica Alba's gown. The colour really brings out that envious glow plus the purse was a great match but not too matchy-matchy. Also the details in all three dresses are beautiful; in the merging moss green to black in Wood's dress and the the sexy golden bust which almost resembles some sort of mirror effect you'd see in contemporary art.

Some other gowns I loved;

Sharon Osbourne; A MUCH better choice but this dress caught my eye immediately out of the others, very elegant and the print is so so beautiful.

Emma Stone; The colour enhances her ivory skin tone and the interesting choice of belt clinches at the waist perfectly.

Dame Helen Mirren; The diamonte belt separates the two textures in this dress and she pulls off the plunging neckline in a very elegant manner.

Viola Davis; the maroon colour completely compliments her skin tone plus the high slit shows off her long legs and the one shoulder strap accentuates her collar bones and broad chest .  Perfect choice.
Please let me know which ones were your favourite!

Aisha xx

Credit: nytimes

Favourite photos of the week

An extra long FPOTW as I didn't have time to post one last sunday. Enjoy

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Ann He

Credit: Claudia Susana

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Spongeshoe blogspot
Bit of a flower theme going on here as I've been obsessed with flowers and pressed flower art and photography!
I've got a post coming up about my The Golden Globes so stay tuned. I also had an outfit post which I made on Polyvore but I forgot to save it and all my work it lost! :( 
Family are out so I'm just listening to The Beatles and trying to find some food to eat. 

Have a good week 

Aisha  x

Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Cropped Printed Trousers

Cropped Printed Trousers

Desigual velvet pants, £35
Clements Ribeiro floral pants, £210
Junya Watanabe faux leather pants, £157
Jane Norman summer pants, €21
A.L.C. high rise pants, $595
By Malene Birger cropped capri pants, £169
Chie Mihara strappy sandals, $316
Jimmy Choo suede booties, $650
Roman sandals, $45
Emilio Pucci lace up sandals, $980
Lipsy platform sandals, $86
Alexander Wang multi colored high heels, $525

My current obsession at the moment; printed trousers. Luckily, one of my favourite one's from Jane Norman, and therefore relatively cheap! :) For the shoes I think it's best to go with simple black flats of heels, as the trousers are already an eyeful. However, I think for the first two trousers on the left the electric blue and green flats would go perfectly as the colour combo works well. 

Tell me what you think of these! Kisses, Aisha 

All good things come in threes

Pressed petals which I made 

Cute macaroons in a cafe in Fulham

Pulling all nighters in style

Outfit Post

Jumper- Barbour (Dad's), Jeans- Primark, Blouse- Primark. 
What I wore Sunday before the last. It was a peaceful sunday, spent with a good friend and just chilled and ate food :p. I have been listening to this song on repeat, it's really simple and basic, enjoy :)


Aisha xx

Sunday, 22 January 2012

You know I could stay here all night, and watch the clouds fall from the sky

 silk  blouse- Zara, blazer- H&M

Mask we found at Georgia's house

Taking a picture on my phone using my friend's phone :p

Quick post just to share some pictures from a birthday lunch a few weekends back. It was quite casual so I opted for a blouse with jeans and a blazer on top. 

Love, Aisha

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Give me ONE, cos one is best

Pussy bow blouse- H&M

Jeans- H&M, high heeled ankle boots- Tk Maxx

Here are some crappy iPhone/Photobooth pictures of what I wore to a family gathering. The jeans and blouse are both from H&M, although I am considering selling the jeans as although they are great quality the waistband is a little too low (=awkward builders' bum) haha. The long waistcoat is a present from my dad from China with a beautiful embroidery along the bottom hem (you can't really see the details well in the pictures; sorry for that). 

Hope everyone's had a good week

Aish x

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Favourite photos of the week

Too amusing not to post :p

Want to try this for a future project

Somebody take me here please?
Not many favourites from this week as I've been very busy with work and other commitments. Got two 'What I Wore' posts coming up from this past weekend but as my camera batterie's are dead I had to resort to my iPhone for photos. Also working on that 'Outfit Inspiration' post I was talking about in my previous post (At least I think I did?) so that will also be coming up soon. 
Other than that I'm just looking forward to another week of sleep deprivation and long chats with friends! How about you?


Sunday, 8 January 2012

Favourite photos of the week

My ultimate favourite picture of Ashley Olsen
Photo credit: Olsens Anonymous
Probably one of the most breath-taking photos of all time-
Photo credit: Kate Winslet for Harper's Bazaar, August 09 
Photo credit: Luc Braquet

Photo credit: Luc Braquet for Ben Travato blog

Photo credit: Silja Magg for Ben Travato blog

Elle Fanning
Photo credit: Bill Owen

Illustration of MKA for Vogue Best Dressed 2011
Photo credit: Olsens Anonymous

I know I haven't been posting my favourite pics of the week for some time now but I hope to continue regularly posting them from now on! Not much happened this week; went back to school on Thursday and yesterday I went to my friend's Georgia's birthday which was fun- got to catch up with lots of old class mates :)
Also I finally got round to watching Martha Marcy May Marlene which was absolutely incredible... Elizabeth's acting was stunning and I must say much more authentic than her older sisters'. My next post will be on some inspiration I've seen online recently for some outfit ideas so stay tuned :)

Aisha x

Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 post

 Finally bought the new issue of Elle, also bought a disposable cam from Boots

 Most delicious smelling candle ever! 

Blouse from H&M 

Just finished reading this gem...bit of an anti climax towards the end but nevertheless still an amazing read!

Just some photos from the past few days... quite happy with the disposable camera; now I can take photos on the go when i'm out with friends, plus when developed the print has a kind of retro look to it which in the long run will be cheaper than a polaroid camera, so until I've saved enough for one this'll have to do.

Kisses, Aisha
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