Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New in

 Results present from my mom's brother's family
 Cardigan Tk Maxx

 Wore the cardigan with a white shirt from GAP and faux velvet leggings seen here.
 Ring- Topshop, £5 (rip off if you ask me but I like it)
 Underwear- Topshop, £2
 Turtle neck- Alex & Co via Tk Maxx

 Rucksack- Tk Maxx, £18
 My new school bag ;)- Tk Maxx
 Suit- Nine West via Tk Maxx
 Mmmm I love henna!!
Clear mascara- MUA (Make Up Academy) via Superdrug, £1
Tweezers- Superdrug £2
Hoop earring- Stall in a shopping mall, £3

Good Lord I buy a lot of things from Tk Maxx! Well actually, it's my mom who has the good eye, everytime I go there I can never find something I like! VERY please, though, with my little rucksack find, was at the back of the handbag rail and at a MUCH cheaper price than Urban Outfitters!
The clear mascara is a pretty decent primer I guess, but for the price it was I don't really care. 

FIRST DAY of school tomorrow and I don't know what to wear D;

Have a great week... only two more days left!
Kisses, Aisha

Monday, 29 August 2011

Raindrops on my skin

Hehehehh she'd kill me if she saw this
Some photos from Kingston with Yasmine.

I can see for miles, miles, miles

Here are some crappy Photobooth pics of what I wore today. As mentioned in an earlier post, this outfit was inspired (okay copied :P) from a picture I posted of Mary-Kate in New York. Wore with the brogues and black satchel (I use that bag a lot nowadays)
Met up with my lovely girl Sophie and she gave me the three best presents in the world: chocolate, cigerettes and paid half of the price for my cartilage piercing! Also got a lovely card and a framed photo of us and our friend, Chiara.
Tomorrow is Eid (woo no more fasting :P) and I think the plan is going to a fair in a park with my family. I'll be wearing the brown cocktail dress I posted last week.

Have a listen to this cover by a girl on YouTube who goes by the name of JennaAnne; found this gem earlier this year and I'm still addicted to it! Tell me what you think!

Kisses, Aisha

Pockets full of stones

Form a few nights ago when we had the fam round for dinner. I'm wearing a traditional Arabic dress

Photos of the week

SORRY SORRY SORRY for putting these up late, our internet crashed last night :( Anyways, here you go:
Peaches Geldoff. Credits:

 This skirt from Zara caught my eye immediately, and it's quite wearable, oddly.
 Anne Hathaway for Interview September 2011

I literally cannot stop staring at these photos! Right now I'm listening to a bit of Bombay Bicycle Club and getting ready to go get my cartilage pierced! I might wear something similar to the above photo of Mary-Kate. What are you guys wearing today?

Kisses, Aisha.

p.s Check out this video of Mary-Kate and Ashley having an  'T Moment'. Tell me what you think!

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Glitter on the west streets

Sitting on the laptop checking out Olsens Anonymous for some style inspiration as I cannot think of what to wear today! Off to go shopping with a friend in a couple of hours, post of my favourite photos of this week to come later today!

Kisses, Aisha

Saturday, 27 August 2011

Poor old atlas, the world's a beast of a burden

Catching a bit of sun in the garden whilst checking out some awesome blogs, I'll post a list of my favourites soon. Remember tomorrow I will be posting my favourite photos of the week :)

The weather today was very pick and mix. The morning was very sunny but then it rained and now it's windy and sunny. Poo :(

To come are posts of what I've been wearing this past week. Yesterday my family came round for dinner, and also this week I received my IGCSE results! I got 1 A*, 3 As, 3Bs and D+E (for science...oh well I'm dropping them!)

Only 4 days left of holidays for me and I still haven't done any work and it doesn't look like I'll be doing any, tomorrow I'm going shopping in Kingston with my friend and the day after I'll hopefully get my cartilage pierced with my other friend. As well as that I have to buy school shit and stuff to wear for school.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Kisses, Aisha

p.s I can't stop listening to this song!

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Oh she's an angel for sure, she just can't stop telling lies

Dress Uniqlo
Linen shirt Mother's
Earings Topshop
Some photos of what I wore for dinner at my family's. My cousin has her birthday one day after mine, so we usually calaborate for birthday dinner. During that evening my uncle told me he had an old Pentax camera that works on film ASDFHGKHJL hopefully I can have it :D

Right now I'm listening to Bon Iver and eating Ryvita crackers when I should be reading

Kisses, Aisha

New in

Basics from New Look

Hairbands, £1.50 New Look

Cocktail dress, £25 TK Maxx

Okay a bit lame but I love this! Works like magic and smells so good :)

Anklet, $3 
Watch Rotary
Finally got rid of that cheap New Look coat and exchanged it for a few basics. The items I exchanged the coat for had to add up to £10 so I had to buy the hairbands. Ggrr.
The dress is a silk cocktail dress with a suede belt, however the garment it very delicate, I think maybe it's one of those buy-cheap-wear-it-a-few-times-then-throw-it-away items. Shame. My mother bought it for me for Eid which is a celebration for Muslims after Ramadan. Can't wait to wear it!
The watch was a present from my mom for my birthday... I ADORE it! Something I'd been wanting for a while, a classic watch.

The lady I bought the anklet from has some very cool items for sale on her shop, check them out!

How's your week been going so far?
Kisses, Aisha

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

My favourite photos of the week

Sorry it's two days late, but recently I've decided to post on every Sunday photos that have caught my eye this past week, such as magazine spreads, editorials campaigns, model portfolios or anything related to that shit. So here's last week's.

Can't remember which blog shop I found this on

Picture from Google

I think this photo is my all time favourite of the Olsen Twins...So chic, especially Mary-Kate (or whoever is on the right)

Saturday, 20 August 2011

I saw the mirror staring back at me, and it told me I'm a self machine

Crop top Charity shop; originally from Topshop 

Velvet Leggings Primark

Yesterday's outfit. Also wore a sunny yellow cardigan from GAP and the brogues. Went to view a house in Wimbledon Hill. The area is charming, however the house was a bit of a let down, which was a shame because I fell in love with Wimbledon yesterday! 
In other news today's my birthday and I'll be eating out with my family tonight at a kebab restaurant (oh so classy) and tomorrow or the following night out with a couple of friends... Pictures soon to come :)

Kisses, Aisha

You think you've got it, oh you think you've got it

Navy Jumper My school jumper
Jeans Primark

Plaid Shirt Topshop

Pendants Skull- Topshop Silver hear- Present

Bag Mother's 
The bag I LOVE! My mom bought it at least 15 years ago and doesn't use it anymore so I took it ;P
It seems that I wear the Primark jeans a lot because the dark colour goes with everything... I think I should buy another pair haha but the fitting at the waist it a bit weird (no surprise, they were like £7)
I wore this outfit with nude colour brogues from River Island.

Sorry for the late post!

Kisses, Aisha
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