Saturday, 1 October 2011

Favourite Trends

I'm not much of a trend follower (or a trend setter...yet) but I've searched through all the current trends and here's the ones that I'll be filtering into my wardrobe.

Topshop - New Mod
What I love about it: The dark lipstick, I've been drawn to it for a while now. I love it because it's mysterious, it's daring, alluding, bold, BRAVE. Not something I'd normally go for, which is why it attracts me so much, I guess. 

 What I love about it: The brogues, the white shirts, the ankle length trousers, the clean cuts and straight lines, the fresh, crisp presentation of it all. I've been trying to find ways to wear my white shirt in other ways other than with a silk scarf,  pencil skirt and blazer (i.e what I wear to school). I think I'll wear it totally buttoned up with a jumper and long skirt. 

What I love about it: EVERYTHING. The prints, the deep colours, the miss matched mess, denim and leather and beige thrown together, the fringing, absolutely everything. Definetly something's I'll try to incorporate with the fringe boots I already have (seen here

And that's pretty much all the trends I like. As I said earlier, when I love a trend I'm not going to copy it totally, and I not going to wear those clothes for only that season, I'll wear it when and where I feel like. 

So there you go. Feel free to share which trends you do and don't like below in the comments section!

Kisses, Aisha

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