Thursday, 6 October 2011

Guys... you NEED to check this out!

Probably one of the coolest things I've seen in my life. Interactive, funny and it's got the Olsen twins in it, I'm entertained! :P Head over to Olsens Anonymous who's done a proper cover on the collection.

Pulled a sickie off school today because I didn't get any homework done the night before... but in my defence I have been helping with the packing up PLUS I've barely slept all week!

In other news, autumn is definitely on it's way here in England. After a very hot week, the good weather's finally over which means I can now wear all my lovely A/W purchases I made over the summer haha.

Today I'm wearing a boring combination of dark blue jeans and a black top and black sort of Momsy cardigan, but I've livened it up with a gorgeous scarf (my mom's :P) from Tk Maxx. It's totally put me in the autumn mood!

Have a great rest of the week... Only one day left!

Kisses, Aish

p.s my thoughts and condolences go out to Steve Jobs and family, who's passing away has truly left painful hole in the world. RIP XXX

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