Saturday, 12 November 2011

But I can't find no place or nothin', where thrills are cheap and love is divine


A part of my dad's artwork

Chiara's Topshop dress! So cute :)

In a river...Please excuse my legs...


My hair is finally growing! :D


Train going past my house.

Older cousin and I :)


Firework's Night in my local park. View from attic window.

Younger cousin and I 

Winona and I :)

Montanna, me and Winona 

Firstly, a MEGAAA apology for the no show these past few months! I moved house in October and only recently got internet, plus the school work just never seems to end ;(

Here are just some of the photos taken from the past month and a bit, some taken with my camera, some with my phone :P

Today I went to London for a course for young aspiring lawyers. There, I learn a lot about the law system in the UK and the different types of law, the role of the barrister and we also had a debate about whether we should abolish the jury in the courts. My team won this debate of course ;P. Tomorrow, we will have to present a case in a 'trial' which I am looking forward to :). After today's course I took the train (Yes! So rare for me :P ) to High Street Ken to meet up with Winona and a few other friends. Met a couple of new people and got lost on the way back home, ended up in Harrods :)

Hope everyone is having a good weekend!

Kisses, Aisha

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