Sunday, 5 February 2012

Elie Saab Couture Spring 2012 Collection favourites

The cut of the material around the plunging neckline makes this dress sexy and daring, but keeping it classy at the same time. That, with the bow belt, this dress further emphasises the waistline making this look suitable for most body shapes.

What I love about this, and the one above, is how the detailing kind of fades towards the neck/chest area of the dress. These two dresses are pretty much the same design expect one has sleeves and the other cuts off at the shoulders, which makes this design versatile. 

PERFECT shade of green!

A more playful, everyday kind of dress design, this one is probably my favourite one out of the whole collection. This champagne/beige colour means that the make up possibilities are endless; one could go with a dark brown smokey eye look, or minimalist as done here in the show. However for the I think regardless of the eye make up looks, the lips should stay nude in order to compliment the dress colour. 

On a final note, Elie Saab's choice of pastel colours makes this collection very on trend.

Aisha x

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