Monday, 27 February 2012

Some new & old New Ins


Mom's cardigan with faux fur lining. SO warm!

Again my mom's old silk blouse which she's let me have 

Ruffle detail of a blouse my mother found in Tk Maxx

I bought the coat for a slight discount due to the buttons falling off (which i fixed myself) from Oasis a couple of months back. It's composed with mostly wool and some polyester, and with the fur collar which is removable I AM INLOVE. The only detail I'm not keen on, however, is the stitching along the shoulder sides, I'd have preferred it to be sewn on properly to give it more of an androgynous look, but beggars can't be choosers :P


Aaand once again my mother's vintage velvet earrings...I swear I don't steal all her stuff aha

I bought this necklace from Portobello market when I went there during the half term holidays. It's my new favourite necklace, I haven't stopped wearing it since purchase! Sorry the quality's crap, my camera's dying on me. On the plus side I've found a tripod for my camera, so better outfit pictures to come!

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