Wednesday, 7 March 2012

KONY 2012

You've all probably heard about this by now (if you haven' you live in a cave?) Kony is one of the most wanted international war criminals by the International Criminal Court in The Hague, Netherlands, who's wanted for crimes against humanity and terrorism. In brief, what he does is send his rebels out to kidnap young children for his army, the RLA (Lord's Resistance Army). The boys get used a child soldiers and the girls become sex slaves. Some of the child soldiers' roles is to kill, in many cases even their own parents, and mutate the faces of innocent and enemies. He is based in Sudan but since the increased awareness in America the RLA have started to spread to neighbouring African countries. Here's the video by the man behind the whole campaign and how to get involved. I know people may argue that there are worse things going on in Africa right now and the Americans have money to support this operations etccc, but how amazing would it be if YOU could join and say that YOU, not some superpower, contributed to the capture of Joseph Kony?

However, if you are slightly critical on the whole matter, here's the tumblr of a 2nd-year Politics student who rhetorically questions whether the money collected should be spent on victims, etc. Please do check it out, the author provides some thought provoking arguments.

Please just take half an hour of your day to watch this video which will hopefully inspire you to take action. I know in London there will be a 'Cover the Night' campaign on 20th APRIL 2012, where at sundown, people will meet at St Pancras Station to collect the posters and spend all night pasting them on every street corner in London. The same events will take place in the majority of major cities in the world, so search on Facebook events to see if this will take place in your city.

Also, here's the official website where you can join the mailing list and make a monthly or once off donation (paid in dollars).

Thank you

Aisha x

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