Monday, 19 September 2011

I'll taste the devil's tears, drink from his soul

Helloo all!

I've had a rubbish weekend as everyone canceled on me but it's a new week and in ready for new things to come. At the mo I'm listening to Angus and Julia Stone when I should be catching up on two history essays. Aah well. Here's a gorgeous photo of Erin Wasson outside the Vadig & Voltaire shop on Richmond High Street. I worship her as a model, she oozes coolness and Texas causality. Anyways, sorry for not posting my favourite photos of the week; I haven't actually got any as I had been too busy! Next week I'll post extra, I promise :P I also have some new stuff to show you and a wish list to share with you all :)

Have a good week,
Kisses, Aisha

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  1. I adore your blog and follow you now!!

    Hope to hear from you ??:-)



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