Sunday, 25 September 2011

My favourite blogs

Some time ago I promised to publish a list of my top blogs. Obviously this list is ever expanding, but here are some of the ones I check regularly. Enjoy!
Olsens Anonymous : Go to for press releases of the Olsen twins and their sister, Elizabeth
Lisa Place
Maja Ravn: Coolest 15 year old out there! Been following her for a while now, and even when she was 13 she has such a mature sense of style!
Taghrid: Photographer extraordinaire who's done shoots for American Apparel.
VintageVirgin: I'd wear every single fucking thing this lady models!
The Feeling You Forgot

So there you go, just to name a few! I can do a list for my favourite Tumblrs, if you'd like? Let me know

Kisses, Aisha

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