Monday, 26 September 2011

Winter's cold, it's too much to handle

Slipped into an old shirt (my dad's) after school today and I actually quite like it! My parents have quite good taste in clothes and always buy good quality items (I've picked up the habit from them, when I go shopping I check the material tag before the price! Drives my friends crazaaayy :P )

Not much point to this post haha, I'm sorry (I'm not :P )
Listening to Vampire Weekend and freaking out about a fucking giant of a spider that was in my room last night which has magically disappeared... Last time I check it went crawling into my clothes draw!!!! I'm yet to've taken photos of my recently bought stuff, my camera's run out of battery, so annoying when that happens! At the moment I'm searching for vocational courses in law for this summer, without much luck! Anybody know a place in London where they take up people? (Law firms, etcc?) Thanks a lot!


Kisses, Aisha.

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