Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New in

Basics from New Look

Hairbands, £1.50 New Look

Cocktail dress, £25 TK Maxx

Okay a bit lame but I love this! Works like magic and smells so good :)

Anklet, $3 
Watch Rotary
Finally got rid of that cheap New Look coat and exchanged it for a few basics. The items I exchanged the coat for had to add up to £10 so I had to buy the hairbands. Ggrr.
The dress is a silk cocktail dress with a suede belt, however the garment it very delicate, I think maybe it's one of those buy-cheap-wear-it-a-few-times-then-throw-it-away items. Shame. My mother bought it for me for Eid which is a celebration for Muslims after Ramadan. Can't wait to wear it!
The watch was a present from my mom for my birthday... I ADORE it! Something I'd been wanting for a while, a classic watch.

The lady I bought the anklet from has some very cool items for sale on her shop, check them out!

How's your week been going so far?
Kisses, Aisha

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