Monday, 29 August 2011

I can see for miles, miles, miles

Here are some crappy Photobooth pics of what I wore today. As mentioned in an earlier post, this outfit was inspired (okay copied :P) from a picture I posted of Mary-Kate in New York. Wore with the brogues and black satchel (I use that bag a lot nowadays)
Met up with my lovely girl Sophie and she gave me the three best presents in the world: chocolate, cigerettes and paid half of the price for my cartilage piercing! Also got a lovely card and a framed photo of us and our friend, Chiara.
Tomorrow is Eid (woo no more fasting :P) and I think the plan is going to a fair in a park with my family. I'll be wearing the brown cocktail dress I posted last week.

Have a listen to this cover by a girl on YouTube who goes by the name of JennaAnne; found this gem earlier this year and I'm still addicted to it! Tell me what you think!

Kisses, Aisha

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