Wednesday, 31 August 2011

New in

 Results present from my mom's brother's family
 Cardigan Tk Maxx

 Wore the cardigan with a white shirt from GAP and faux velvet leggings seen here.
 Ring- Topshop, £5 (rip off if you ask me but I like it)
 Underwear- Topshop, £2
 Turtle neck- Alex & Co via Tk Maxx

 Rucksack- Tk Maxx, £18
 My new school bag ;)- Tk Maxx
 Suit- Nine West via Tk Maxx
 Mmmm I love henna!!
Clear mascara- MUA (Make Up Academy) via Superdrug, £1
Tweezers- Superdrug £2
Hoop earring- Stall in a shopping mall, £3

Good Lord I buy a lot of things from Tk Maxx! Well actually, it's my mom who has the good eye, everytime I go there I can never find something I like! VERY please, though, with my little rucksack find, was at the back of the handbag rail and at a MUCH cheaper price than Urban Outfitters!
The clear mascara is a pretty decent primer I guess, but for the price it was I don't really care. 

FIRST DAY of school tomorrow and I don't know what to wear D;

Have a great week... only two more days left!
Kisses, Aisha

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