Thursday, 18 August 2011

New in

So I've received the coat from New Look but I've decided to return it as it was quite thin and bits of the fur  came off as soon as I opened the bag. As well as that the fitting was quite tight... Overall not very happy! I've definitely learnt my lesson; if I want good quality essential pieces I'm gonna have to invest money. Waaah ;(

Anyhoo, here is what I wore yesterday;

Same as the day before's, you might of noticed, but I've added a pinkish/beige angola/nylon/wool mix cardigan which is my mother's, and also a long skull pendant necklace which insn't in the picture. Again, I wore the converses.

Shirt Great Plains, London bought from TK Maxx
Bracelet Primark

The bracelet is supposed to come with charms, but I didn't want any (plus they cost extra haha) Maybe I'll add one to give the bracelet some individuality and charm (excuse the pun haha)

The shirt I will wear with a black pencil skirt and blazer for Sixth Form in September! (So stay tuned for work pieces to come) The ruffle detail caught my eye. Do you like?

Kisses, Aisha

p.s sorry this post is a little delayed, so I didn't actually wear & buy these yesterday hehe

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