Monday, 2 January 2012

2011 post

 Finally bought the new issue of Elle, also bought a disposable cam from Boots

 Most delicious smelling candle ever! 

Blouse from H&M 

Just finished reading this gem...bit of an anti climax towards the end but nevertheless still an amazing read!

Just some photos from the past few days... quite happy with the disposable camera; now I can take photos on the go when i'm out with friends, plus when developed the print has a kind of retro look to it which in the long run will be cheaper than a polaroid camera, so until I've saved enough for one this'll have to do.

Kisses, Aisha


  1. thanks for ur comment! i follow u now.
    And i loved that book!!!


  2. I love disposable cameras they can be so much fun and great photography result! film is always better ;)


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