Sunday, 29 January 2012

Golden Globes 2012

As I was browsing pictures of what celebrities wore to the Golden Globes, there were two mutual themes going on. The first obvious one was;

Nude dresses
Here are my favourites;

Heidi Klum
Nicole Kidman
Julie Bowen  
Kristen Wiig 
Second one was not so obvious, but I couldn't help but realise that Gucci was a popular choice amongst the actresses.

Gucci dresses

Salma Hayek
Jessica Alba
Evan Rachel Wood
I have to say my favourite out of the second theme was Jessica Alba's gown. The colour really brings out that envious glow plus the purse was a great match but not too matchy-matchy. Also the details in all three dresses are beautiful; in the merging moss green to black in Wood's dress and the the sexy golden bust which almost resembles some sort of mirror effect you'd see in contemporary art.

Some other gowns I loved;

Sharon Osbourne; A MUCH better choice but this dress caught my eye immediately out of the others, very elegant and the print is so so beautiful.

Emma Stone; The colour enhances her ivory skin tone and the interesting choice of belt clinches at the waist perfectly.

Dame Helen Mirren; The diamonte belt separates the two textures in this dress and she pulls off the plunging neckline in a very elegant manner.

Viola Davis; the maroon colour completely compliments her skin tone plus the high slit shows off her long legs and the one shoulder strap accentuates her collar bones and broad chest .  Perfect choice.
Please let me know which ones were your favourite!

Aisha xx

Credit: nytimes

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