Monday, 2 January 2012

This notion may be naïve

Dying flowers

Trying to take mascara off haa
Not up to much at the moment, right now trying to work on research for my dissertation and listening to good music. Tomorrow, though, I'll be meeting up with some of my girl friends for lunch then ice skating, which I'm looking forward to :) Then last minute shopping with my mom for suit trousers and blouses aaand then back to school on the 5th it is for me :( My resolutions have been going okay so far (I know it has only been two days but that's encouraging for me! :P ) although my run this morning left me in absolute PAIN. Grrr this is what I get for not working out for months, then launching into it, I guess.

How has everyone been spending their first few days of the new year?

Kisses, Aisha

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