Sunday, 29 January 2012

Favourite photos of the week

An extra long FPOTW as I didn't have time to post one last sunday. Enjoy

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Ann He

Credit: Claudia Susana

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Tumblr

Credit: Spongeshoe blogspot
Bit of a flower theme going on here as I've been obsessed with flowers and pressed flower art and photography!
I've got a post coming up about my The Golden Globes so stay tuned. I also had an outfit post which I made on Polyvore but I forgot to save it and all my work it lost! :( 
Family are out so I'm just listening to The Beatles and trying to find some food to eat. 

Have a good week 

Aisha  x

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