Sunday, 8 January 2012

Favourite photos of the week

My ultimate favourite picture of Ashley Olsen
Photo credit: Olsens Anonymous
Probably one of the most breath-taking photos of all time-
Photo credit: Kate Winslet for Harper's Bazaar, August 09 
Photo credit: Luc Braquet

Photo credit: Luc Braquet for Ben Travato blog

Photo credit: Silja Magg for Ben Travato blog

Elle Fanning
Photo credit: Bill Owen

Illustration of MKA for Vogue Best Dressed 2011
Photo credit: Olsens Anonymous

I know I haven't been posting my favourite pics of the week for some time now but I hope to continue regularly posting them from now on! Not much happened this week; went back to school on Thursday and yesterday I went to my friend's Georgia's birthday which was fun- got to catch up with lots of old class mates :)
Also I finally got round to watching Martha Marcy May Marlene which was absolutely incredible... Elizabeth's acting was stunning and I must say much more authentic than her older sisters'. My next post will be on some inspiration I've seen online recently for some outfit ideas so stay tuned :)

Aisha x


  1. my fav too! <3

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